Changing the way women are perceived in adventure and outdoors sport.
What is Intrepid?
Intrepid is a female-first adventure and outdoor sport magazine. We are based in the UK and issues are printed bi-monthly or accessible online through a membership portal.
  • FOCUS: On what we do and love, not on the fact that we're female and doing it.
  •  FEATURE: Real women who can inspire, educate and entertain us in the world of adventure and outdoors sport. 
  •  COMMUNITY: Help women to try new things and have new adventures.
  • NO models in sports clothing
  •  NO Objectification of women
  •  NO Unnecessary flowers, swirls or pink 
  •  NOT A women's magazine in disguise 
Why Do This?
There is something missing. Go and grab a selection of outdoor and adventure – or even sports – magazines. Have a look in a newsagents or a cafe, or even at the waiting room table in your dentist’s. How many are about/feature women in an outdoor environment? How many are aimed at women before men, without being covered in pink or flowers? How many include female experts? Are there women’s gear reviews?

Since featuring adventurous women as guest posters on her blog, Emily noticed something. In fact, you’d have to blindfolded to not notice it. There are LOADS of women and girls who are in adventure, in sport, getting outdoors and doing amazing things there. They’re the ones who spend their time dripping with sweat, getting mud under their fingernails and having fun doing it. It’s not “girly”, but who cares.

These amazing females are jumping up for a platform to share on. They're fed up of being stereotyped and of people saying how hard it is for girls to do what they do. They want to act. They want to be positive and help others.

Then there's the women and girls who want to be like that, but don't know how to get started. The people who are a bit adventurous and love reading inspirational stories. The men who don't see any reason why they shouldn't read about incredible women any less than male athletes and explorers.

Intrepid bridges the gap.
Who Are We?

Emily Woodhouse - Editor

Sarah Sharps - Layout and Design

Cara Gillespie - Sub Editor
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